About Us

Introducing Xandria

Xandria is an innovative app that brings together admirers of storytelling. On top of accessing a vast library of books and stories, users can also explore an extensive digital museum dedicated to topics on storytelling. Xandria also gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people on its social platform in the form of book clubs and spirited literary themed discourse. Regardless of your interest in storytelling, Xandria is the perfect app for those who like to read.


The Library

The Xandria storytelling app provides users with an exciting library full of both classic literature and new publications. You'll find many great public domain books that you can enjoy via our built in E-reader (ePub) and Audioplayer (mp3 audiobooks). If that isn’t enough, we also house all the original, exclusive content from REDWRITER, our creative writing and e-publishing company. To make sure that everyone can access what they need, we offer various membership levels to cater to your reading tastes. Come explore our library today: hundreds of stories await!


The Digital Museum

Xandria's storytelling app is truly stunning with its innovative digital museum feature. Each exhibit allows you to explore a diverse selection of historical subjects, with artifacts ranging from everything like hyper realistic 3D models to info and blogs. What's more, each artifact page is a hub leading to all the related e-books in the library. As an example, if visitors explore the "The Evolution of Science Fiction" exhibit, they can find an artifact on Jules Verne that links back to his works in the library, like “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. It's an experience sure to satisfy curious minds!


The Book Club

Xandria's Social feature is a great way to connect the readers with each other. With Book Club, you can easily find friends who share similar interests and start your own personalised book club! You can even help each other out by sharing book recommendations or just discuss your favorite characters in a private chat room. Not to mention, teachers can also use this feature as part of their school curriculum by assigning books from Xandria's Library, creating a powerful virtual classroom.


Our Inspiration

Alexander the Great, widely regarded as one of the ancient world's greatest rulers, was equally famous for his passion towards knowledge. Besides creating a massive and powerful army, Alexander also set up a library that sought to collect all the knowledge in the world. This immense library contained so many books that it was known as "The House of the Muses". Scholars from all over gathered at this amazing institution in Alexandria to discuss philosophy, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, poetry and other forms of intellect under one roof. It served as an important cultural hub not just in the Alexander era but throughout antiquity and is considered the most significant library of its time. Now to dawn in a new digital age of centralized information and community development, we have erected Xandria as a hub for storytelling enthusiast.


Our Goal

The Xandria storytelling app strives to bring the spirit of one of history's legendary libraries into the modern age. By combining a vast, online stronghold of public domain literature with innovative technology, Xandria creates an engaging and interactive platform that brings powerful historic literature, artifacts and discussion to your fingertips. Through its intuitive user interface, users can explore a digital library of classics, as well as newly published material, much in the spirit of the Alexandria Library. With Xandria, anyone can easily experience priceless literature and museum pieces with friends, keeping the legacy of “knowledge for all” alive.


Celebrating the Value of Classical Education

Xandria truly celebrates a classical education in the modern world with its powerful public domain literature. You can dive into works that shaped and inspired western civilization, and maybe even discover your own personal favourite classics along the way. With Xandria, you can explore ancient poetry and prose and get a sense of how concepts like tragedy and heroism crossed cultures for centuries - all from your own device! This amazing reading app brings history to life by bringing classic works to the present.



Xandria reading app is an exciting way to explore storytelling in the contemporary age. Featuring an extensive library of books, audiobooks and public domain classics, users can search for that particular book or enjoy browsing through the museum's 3D interactive artifacts. Joining one of book clubs with friends or classmates will give readers a chance to connect with fellow bibliophiles from around the world. With customizable profiles and avatars, users can pick features such as adjustable page colors and text sizes while enjoying their favorite stories. Xandria takes storytelling even further with two memberships; "Black" and "Red", each having their own set of features such as bookmarks, bookshelf (books to read later), etc. Aiming to recapture the spirit of Library Of Alexandria, Xandria reading app promises a journey like no other!


  • Library - A vast selection of public domain and newly published literature.
  • Museum - An extensive online digital museum, complete with 3D digital interactive artifacts
  • Book Clubs - Enjoy edifying discussion on books with friends and fellow bibliophiles.
  • E Books & Audio Books - Experience reading your own way.
  • Customizable Profiles & Avatars - Express yourself your own way with a variety of customizable features.
  • Additional Features - Take full control of your reading experience with bookmark, bookshelf, adjustable page colour and text size options.


Xandria: For All Lovers of Literature

By taking on the values of the Alexandria Library, Xandria brings to you a broad and extensive reading experience that will satiate even the most extensive lover of knowledge and storytelling.

Start your love affair with Xandria today.