About Us

REDWRITER is a creative writing and e-publishing company dedicated to creating original story content that engages audiences and inspires its readers. 

Our passion is centered around the craft of storytelling. Our services and work encompass three main aspects:

Original Stories & Publications

The production of original stories available in e-book and audiobook formats.


The production of manuscripts, books, biographies, and scripts for high-profile clients and celebrities.


A storytelling platform that hosts public domain books in our libraries, museum exhibits on the history of storytelling and the innovations that changed the craft, and a social platform to connect those who enjoy stories.

The Author

REDWRITER is more than just our company name. REDWRITER is the pseudonym pen name that our founder writes all our original publications under.

A Storytelling platform and app where we house a new age of stories for all to enjoy. What exactly can you find on Xandria, the new age library of Alexandria?

REDWRITER Books & Short Stories

All original REDWRITER stories can be found on Xandria. All Red Membership plans enjoy access to all published REDWRITER original stories.


Many books are free for the public to enjoy, but not everyone has access to them. That is why we are working toward adding some of the most popular public domain books to our library, free for anyone to enjoy.


Whether you want to read on the go with our fully integrated e-reader, or you’d rather listen on your commute to work. We have both e-books and audio books that you are sure to enjoy.


The craft of storytelling has shaped humanity ever since we could record our history. To pay homage to the powerful impact and rippling effect that stories have had on humanity, we have curated a special collection of exhibits and artifacts to honor some of the most important moments in storytelling history.


We all love to express ourselves. Finding our unique identity and sharing our passions and hobbies with one another is life giving. Xandria offers a space to do just that with other fellow humans who enjoy the craft of storytelling and the stories they create just like you.

We strive to develop Xandria into a platform that is world changing for the future of storytelling.